Everything is Connected

Many people have told me that I should write a blog. I think most of the people who suggested this assumed I would write a travel blog specifically about my experiences while traveling around the United States and Europe, but I didn’t really want to do this for a couple of reasons. First of all, most of my experiences while traveling either involve other people’s personal stories or have more to do with what is going on internally rather than externally. I feel like posting photos on Instagram gives people an idea of the kinds of things I have been doing. Secondly, although I love traveling and will do it as much as possible, I knew that at some point I would be more settled for a while, so I wanted a blog that I could continue writing even when I am not traveling regularly.

I kept thinking I had to narrow it down: should I write about Animals? Witchcraft? Books? Food? I couldn’t decide! Then I realized: it’s hard enough trying to decide what to focus on as a career or an academic major, but a blog should be for fun. It should be what you’re interested in, what you’re good at. And what I’m interested in is everything, and what I’m good at is writing. So I decided that I didn’t have to decide. I could write about everything, and how it all connects.

In order to keep things somewhat cohesive, I will write specifically from the perspective of a modern, spiritually eclectic woman searching for meaning in the world, striving for a greater understanding of humanity and a stronger connection with nature.

This blog will be a public and interactive journal of sorts. Many of my posts will be related to my own personal spirituality, lifestyle, thoughts, and opinions. Several may take an anthropological approach, discussing culture, mythology, and religion. Some will focus more on science, philosophy, or even politics. I may even include stories, poems, drawings, and photographs. Basically anything I am interested in or like doing. The blog as a whole will attempt to make connections between various topics and fields, because one of the things I truly believe is that everything is connected.

Thanks for reading.

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