This site is designed to be a starting point – or headquarters – for everything related to Alice In Space: creative projects, writings, and ideas.
To celebrate life and love.
To heal from grief and stress.
To express myself creatively.
To inspire creative expression in others.

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FOR MUSIC & LYRICS: aliceinspace.bandcamp.com
EMAIL: aliceinspacecrafts@gmail.com

BLOG UNDER CONSTRUCTION: As of now, the Blog is a public record (though not at all complete) of the intellectual evolution of my personal spiritual practice, which is to gain a greater understanding of the world and develop a stronger connection with nature. Here l will examine various topics of interest and their relatedness to science, anthropology, philosophy, history, literature, and mythology. Some posts will be based on research and others will be based on my own personal experiences.

I soon hope to also include art and photography, stories and poems, travel experiences, and thoughts about life, humanity, and the universe. This site is not meant to preach or convert, only to inform and inspire. Please feel free to ask questions.